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About Us
Charlie and Maria Girsch are award-winning toy inventors. For over 25 years marketably novel ideas were their lifeblood. They were constantly asked what tools and techniques they used to come up with fresh ideas in the trendy, volatile, bottom-line-oriented yet creative toy industry.

In the mid-90's, they founded Creativity Central, the one-stop headquarters for publishing, speaking and consulting on the timeless and timely topics of creativity and innovation.

Their clients wanted more, longer, deeper. As a result, Innovators in Residence was born. It is a natural complement to and outgrowth of its parent company, Creativity Central.

In addition to its principal partners, Charlie and Maria Girsch, the Innovators in Residence "inventives" reside in California, Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota and the UK. This alliance represents a variety of experts in fields as diverse as HR, marketing, communications, leadership development, coaching, branding and performance review metrics, to name a few.

Check back soon for more information on the Innovators and their areas of expertise.

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