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Charlie Girsch


Radio Interview
Fanning the Creative Spirit (3.9Mb MP3)
CC Power and His Co-Host Lauren Mitchell
KTRC - Moring Drive Time Show
Santa Fe, NM
December 20, 2001

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing...
August 20th, 2002
Seattle Times
By Kay Harvey,
Knight Ridder News

Mind Games Working On Being More Creative?
By Rhoda Fukushima
January 2002
St Paul Pioneer Press

Creative Juices
By John W. Milton
Corporate Report

Inventors of "Tub Town"
Branch Out Into Teaching
By Dick Youngblood
October 27, 1996
Minneapolis Star Tribune

8 Steps To Social Inventing
By Jon Spayde
March/April 2002
UTNE Reader

Cross-train Your Brain
By Charlie and Maria Girsch
Today's Health and Wellness
November/December 2002 issue

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Client Reviews

We hope that future programs will be as energized, professionally staged, thought-provoking, refreshing and playful as yours.
Seanna Moran - New Mexico Advertising Federation

I had so many unsolicited compliments from people attending your presentation that you really should know you have a good thing going!
Richard B. Beeson - President, Parkbank

Bravo! Your motivational speech on Inventivity was definitely one of the most popular we've ever had at the Mall of America.
Sara Donovan - Mall of America

The students found the course interesting, unusual, fun and true to its purpose. It promotes creativity. (They) also loved your... focus-- your concern and respect-- and your commitment to their learning.
Dr. Nona Mason - University of St.Thomas MBC Program

Approximately 100 members of our Department had what many described as the most productive and enjoyable day-long work experience ever. Your approaches are inventive and appropriate.
Allen Lovejoy - City of St.Paul Planning and Economic Development

I have received an enormous amount of positive feedback on both you and your interactive presentation from our staff members.
Cari Hatcher - U of M

On behalf of our entire SRT III group, we would like to thank you for leading our group through your Creative Thinking instructions. The exercises and presentation were excellent and most helpful. We have received many positive remarks from our team members.
Doug Parker and Shirin Saad - 3M Company

Thank you for presenting at BRIM'S National Trustee & Physician Conference. Your presentation was a valuable addition to the program.
Cynthia Nielson - Brim Healthcare Portland, OR

Client Review Archives

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Book Reviews

Jon Spayde, Utne Reader: One of the wittiest and most useful books available for releasing creative potential -- right now.

Peter Scholtes, Author of best selling The Team Handbook and The Leadership Handbook: Creativity and Quality ... what a wonderful partnership! And your little gem with its succinct telling of one innovative thinking technique after another is the perfect prompt for anyone seriously interested in bringing the two together.

Dick Christison, Ad Executive: I just returned to find your wonderful little book Fanning the Creative Spirit. What a marvelous project!! Great concept, perfect presentation. It's a positively useful book, and it should be in every office.

Richard Levy, Toy/Game Inventor, Author The Inventor's Desktop Companion: A thorough, fresh and imaginative approach that helps transform the commonplace into the extraordinary.

Clem Hedeem, Inventor of Micro Machines: I really appreciate it (the book), it's very well written, insightful and small. I appreciate concise!

Howard Peretz, Author of Until the Fat Lady Sings: The book is creative, simple, useful and very friendly

Sharon Votel, St. Mary's University, Graduate Program in Human Development: I was struck by the quality of the thoughts and activities - and amazed at your facility in distilling the essence in such a focused and beautifully organized whole.

Carl Koch, St. Mary's Press and the Soren Imprint of University of Notre Dame Press: I received your fascinating, stimulating book. It's marvelous. Well done.

Glenn Karwoski, Author of CPR (Creating Positive Reputation) for Business: This is a fun, quick read with lots of helpful hints about how people can work on being more creative.

Jennifer Repo, editor Perigee Books: Your book is wonderful and adorable - I like what you've done, the design elements are great, we are very interested ... is it available?

Roseanne Banes, author of Dancing in the Dragons Den: A great little book that offers thought-provoking information in a very approachable format. I particularly like the Stretch-ercises when I need a 'Creativity Break' to refresh my brain. Teachers and professional trainers take note -- these are superb energizers to keep participants interested and involved no matter what subject you're presenting.

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