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Around St. Paul:
Bethel branches out with artwork display
By Joe Kimball
April 9, 2004
Minneapolis Star Tribune

Mind Bending
By Charlie and Maria Girsch with Allison Rost
Artist's Sketchbook
January 2003 issue

This Novice Chain-Saw Sculptor Will Cut A Deal
October 2, 1999
Saint Paul Pioneer Press

Not Just Another Toy Story
By Jay Milton
October 1998

98 to Watch in '98
January 11, 1998
Saint Paul Pioneer Press

Toys and Creativity "R" Them
By Carolyn Griffith
Holiday Issue 1996 Grand Gazette

Playful Partners
By Don Boxmeyer, staff columist
November 27, 1995
Saint Paul Pioneer Press


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Client Reviews Continued

We want to thank you for the great presentation you gave at our general meeting. It was one of the most entertaining we have had, in addition to being very useful and informative. We have had great comments from the entire membership...
Peter Lambert - President, Twin Cities Licensing Association

... sincere thanks for making our August program a success. With such a diverse group of businesses in attendance, it's a challenge for the committee to obtain speakers who can address all our companies and keep their interest. You two did it !
Linda Forschen - Leamington Companies

For the second straight year we were very impressed with your presentation on creativity. (It) was extremely effective at helping the students (and ourselves) to see the value of getting out of the box.
Paul Marsnik PhD - University of St. John

Thank you for your presentation ... as evidenced by the evaluations, our clients enjoyed the topic and came away with valuable information.
Marjorie K Unger, Personnel Decisions International

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your contribution to our library conference. We thought you'd be pleased to know that your session received the highest number of "outstanding" ratings in the entire conference.
Jarell Kuney, Branch Out Library Conference

Maria Girsch's presentation was excellent, kept your attention at a very difficult time - right after lunch. It really made you see that you can create different approaches to solve a problem ... a great choice for the seminar, entertaining and educational at the same time.
Minnesota Dept of Revenue

New ideas; the importance of thinking outside the box, ... an opportunity to change culture . . emphasize your creativity at work ... it's okay to have and use a sense of humor ... to add to a stressful workday. The pace of the class was fast-paced and light.
Piper Jaffary Institute Training Evaluations

Your inspiring comments on creativity and innovation motivated and energized us. The laughter and willingness to participate in your stretch~ercises were a measure of the group's reception of our ideas ... That you brought creative tools which our Human Resources department hadn't seen before is another indication you are in the forefront of your field.
Ann Ray, Fortis Financial Group

You received the best evaluation scores at the San Diego Marketivity Conference which was loaded with top-notch speakers (from Nike, Disney, AT&T, General Mills and Warner Brothers). You really helped make the conference a success and inspired creativity in the audience. Thanks so much for your incredible presentation.
Elizabeth Kamper - Institute for International Research

A day doesn't go by without me thinking about being creative. Your training has had a greater impact on me than any law conference. It really stuck. Also, there is definitely a different spirit in our department, an openness to think more broadly.
Gene Link - Asst General Counsel, Target Corporation

Fanning The Creative Spirit has ignited a whole series of thinking that we lost or haven't been doing lately!
Guy Schoenecker - Chariman and Chief Executive Officer, BI

[Ed and Jake] came in with contagious energy, passion and focus..they helped us to stretch our minds so that we could creatively solve problems which we felt overwhelmed by.
Greg Ammon MS,NCC, LPC Director of Counseling Care - Beloit Hospital

Your keynote was masterful. It provided a perfect wrap-up to our day on learning and leadership as you reminded us of our innate creativity and challenged us to use it in demanding times.
David Wessner - CEO, Park Nicollet

Your presentation consistently receives the highest ratings in our MINI MBA in Real Estate program.
Tom Musil - Director, Schnehon Center of Real Estate Education, University of St.Thomas

I am still amazed at the awakening I felt during the course of the evening, as my creative juices, usually fearfully curled up in a corner, began to look about furtively, and then began to spread themselves across the roof of my brain.
Harald Stover, PhD - Research Scientist, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada

Thanks so much for the workshop. My people were very impressed at the way you explained the creative process. We will use many of your ideas in our own business.
Mary Benson - CFO Nidus Weavers, Chicago

Thank you for your great presentation to the members attending the MESPA Leadership Conference in St.Cloud. You certainly got the endorphins flowing! Our people thoroughly enjoyed their time with you, and I was more than satisfied that the presentation fulfilled the expectations I had. This was a great way to conclude our conference. You certainly sent everyone home feeling good and with a great natural high!
Elmer A.Koch, Jr. - Exective Director, Minnesota Elementary Principals

Wow! What can I say? You were a big hit...and I'm still receiving rave reviews about your workshop! Thanks for making our Spring Conference such a success.
Gina Martens - Advertising/Marketing Federation of Central Minnesota

Great fun...and useful too! Ed and Jake showed us that creative thinking is exciting. The Creativity Central techniques are wonderful. Many thanks.
Bill Perkins - Legislative Director for S.E.I.U. Illinois Council

Thank you! Your session was fantastic! Exactly what our group needed.
Innovative Applications Group - Kraft Foods

Client Reviews

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