Thank you!! Your session was fantastic! Exactly what our group needed.
Ellen Chamberlain - Innovative Applications Group, Kraft Foods

A day doesn't go by without me thinking about being creative. Your training has had a greater impact on me than any law conference. It really stuck. Also, there is definitely a different spirit in our department, an openness to think more broadly.
Gene Link - Asst. General Counsel, Target Stores


Creativity Central History
Charlie Girsch
Maria Girsch


Our Seminars can involve your whole company, management only, individual teams or any combination of participants you choose.
The time allotted can be a few hours, a half-day, a full day, or

The Overview
Whatever your organization's challenges are, our approach will always focus on Inventive Thinking and how it can work for you. Inventive Thinking is wholly and entirely what we are about.

The Promises
Here's what you can always count on from Creativity Central:
Our style will be interactive.
The learning will be fun.
The takeaways will be immediately usable.

The Format
All of our keynotes follow this simple, three-pronged format but will be customized for you:


  • The Attitude portion establishes that individuals and organizations are creative.
  • The Commitment portion demonstrates to participants
    how to be intentional about their creativity.
  • The Tools portion explores and practices specific
    idea-generating techniques that really work.

Seminars A La Carte
Not unlike an A La Carte Menu, you can "order" what you need based on the time you have allotted, the number of participants you expect, and, of course, your budget.

Each seminar event can be skewed---both in time and in content---to whatever outcomes you wish to achieve:

  • Are you looking to improve communications?
  • Do you want to build team cohesion?
  • Are you preparing your staff or workers for an upcoming change?
  • Is it productivity you want to increase?
  • Would you like to simply motivate your people to start thinking differently?
  • Are you trying to find ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors?

Our Most Popular Session
If many (or all) of the above are what you want, then our offering called Fanning the Creative Spirit is right for you. The title is based on our book by the same name, and it is recommended that you purchase a copy for each of your participants. We significantly discount the book for this purpose, and it replaces the typical, seldom-used/often-tossed paper handouts. Participants love the added value it provides.

Other Titles
If you have a very specific goal, then we will still use our ACT format, but adjust it to maximize the features that best relate to your challenge(s). Other presentation titles you might consider are listed below. We will work with you to customize them:

  • Fun in the Workplace Makes Dollars and Sense
  • Creativity Boot Camp: No More SAME OLD!
  • Whiz! Bang! Pop! Restart Your Creativity
  • Stretch-ercises™: Becoming Intentional About Your Creativity
  • Another Right Answer: Finding That "Next Right Answer" For Your Challenge
  • Creativity in TEAMS

Why You Can't Go Wrong
You really can't make a mistake engaging Creativity Central for your speaking needs. After all, we have a money back guarantee!

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