I just want to thank you for putting together a marvelous idea generating session to help focus our efforts. I appreciate the way you were able to draw so many different personalities and disciplines into a fine tuned unit AND I was truly pleased with the direction we achieved.
Steve Russell - Mix & Burn

You guys do a wonderful job of motivating people to be creative. How great to see so many ideas generated all relating to the development of young children and their families. I can only imagine how successful 'Starland' will be.
Stephanie Sellers, Director, Lincoln Park Pre-Schools


Creativity Central History
Charlie Girsch
Maria Girsch


Are you asking any of these questions or others like them:
  • How can we differentiate ourselves from our competitors?
  • What can Marketing do to communicate our new line to Sales?
  • How can we continue to serve our clients in light of budget cuts?
  • What are some affordable ways to get publicity?

Over the years Creativity Central has helped hundreds of businesses, organizations and individuals brainstorm specific answers to the challenges they face.

First, we will work with you to define the most simple and direct statement of your challenge. Clarity is crucial. Then we will use some of the best idea-generating tools in the industry. We guarantee that your group will come up with hundreds of workable, useful ideas. From those, your people will choose the most likely candidates for action. You will leave the session with a clear sense of direction.

We don't care if you give us the challenge of inventing a new cookie product (Pillsbury did), of coming up with consumer applications for a new technology (3M did), of developing unique insurance products (The St.Paul Travelers did), or of designing a revolutionary new service for the legal downloading of music in the retail marketplace (Mix & Burn did). We don't care if you ask us for help in promoting your charitable services (The Make-A-Wish Foundation did) or need us to assist you in developing work opportunities for people with disabilities (the Kaposia Group did).

Our process always works! Our participants are always amazed at the quality and quantity of ideas generated. Our customers are always happy.

While respecting our commitment to total confidentiality, we have many typical stories to share with you about the outstanding results of our brainstorming sessions. These satisfied clients are the numerous reasons why we unabashedly offer a money-back guarantee!

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