You received the best evaluation scores at the San Diego Marketivity Conference which was loaded with top-notch speakers (from Nike, Disney, AT&T, General Mills and Warner Brothers). You really helped make the conference a success and inspired creativity in the audience. Thanks so much for your incredible presentation.
Elizabeth Kamper - Institute for International Research

Your keynote was masterful. It provided a perfect wrap-up to our day on learning and leadership as you reminded us of our innate creativity and challenged us to use it in demanding times.
David Wessner - CEO Park Nicollet


Creativity Central History
Charlie Girsch
Maria Girsch


Creativity Central will keynote your conference, seminar, roundtable, or any event that would benefit from an energetic, upbeat kick-off. We will give you a session that is geared to your specific listeners. We've revved up doctors, teachers, product developers and civil servants. We've loosened up lawyers, propelled programmers and energized engineers. There is no one we can't inspire.

Check out our most requested topics below, or contact us so we can tailor our core message to your listeners. Either way, we'll give you the brightest, most creative keynote address your event-planning dollars can buy.

Again, you can never lose with our money-back guarantee!

Best Practices of Inventive Creatives
Inventivity is our unique brand of creativity. It works every day, everywhere, and for everyone. These 10 practices include many of our proprietary tools like Stretch-ercises™, the Think Pen™, and our no-fail Get Your Butt Fired™ idea-generating method. Depending on your budget, this session could include a copy of our book, Fanning the Creative Spirit, for each participant.

The 7 Practices of Creative People
This session is often attended by those in the helping professions and/or those whose success depends on the soft skills—teachers, advocates, advisors, counselors, team leaders, and communications specialists, just to name a few. But no matter the position, these participants come away profoundly inspired to acknowledge, tend to, and nurture their own creative spirits. Better self-care always leads to better workplace performance.

What If? What Else? Why Not? How To Think Like a Toy Inventor
The Creativity Central trainers share their company mantra as they offer a spirited look at the thinking behind some favorite and classic toys. This edu-taining and interactive session reveals how inventors get ideas and it provides opportunities for participants to try these techniques for themselves.

Thinking INSIDE the Box: Lessons from the TOYBOX on Creativity
Toy inventors and creativity gurus, the trainers at Creativity Central share the wisdom gained from their years in Santa's workshop. Classic "spokestoys" become playful mentors as the trainers share tools and techniques, stories and secrets, insights and inspiration to help reclaim the power of creativity for everyone, every day, everywhere.

Participants will never see a Slinky™ again, without being reminded to stretch their minds and flex their creative energies!

The Three R's of Creativity
Especially suited for educators and trainers, this lively keynote keeps teachers guessing what the Three R's are as they work through a series of exercises designed to identify the key elements of creativity and innovation in the classroom. The answer is a pleasant surprise!

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